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Mercy Traditions

Mercy Girls past and present share a unique connection and a sense of belonging.

Mercy Day

The traditions begin annually on September 24th as Mercy students join the worldwide Mercy community in celebrating Mercy Day. This celebration commemorates the date on which Catherine McAuley, founder of the Sisters of Mercy, opened the House of Mercy in Dublin, Ireland to shelter, feed, and educate women and girls. At Mercy High School, the day takes on even greater significance as members of the senior class receive their long-awaited Mercy rings.

Tara Nohe Marion '95, P'22 delivered the traditional History of the Mercy Ring speech at the 2021 Ring Day ceremony.

This year's Mercy Day/Ring Day speech, "What my Mercy Ring Means to Me", was written by Sarah B. '22.

Freshman Welcome Day

On the heels of Mercy Day/Ring Day comes Freshman Welcome Day, as junior “big sisters” welcome their “little sisters”, helping them learn the ropes in a brand new school.

Foundation Day

On December 12th, the school community gathers to celebrate Foundation Day, the day the Sisters of Mercy were founded as a religious community.

Sophomore Unity Week 

Sophomore Unity Week gives our tenth graders the opportunity to connect through activities, discussion and prayer, and culminates in the Sophomore pin ceremony and dance.

Field Day 

Field Day is a spring spectacle featuring athletic events, funny races, and presentations by each class. The competition is fierce as classes are judged on presentation, exercise and dance performances. Students work hard, uniting under class captains and themes, each class vying for the coveted Field Day trophy!

Senior Traditions

Seniors wind down their four years at Mercy with the much-anticipated Senior DVD presentation, Alumnae Senior Breakfast, senior picnic, and of course prom and graduation.

These special traditions provide a rich backdrop for a Mercy education. Many day-to-day rituals also make Mercy unique and special for each student. Lockers are wrapped for special occasions, delighting surprised students and making the hallways festive! Advisee groups vie for top honors in decorating contests, and students dress up in costume for particular classes or occasions. Year-round special activities include assemblies, dances, spirit days, and class prayer days. These traditions are what make being a Mercy Girl so special.