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Find Your Passion!

There are so many opportunities at Mercy to explore different interests. This is the information for 2017-2018. Most of the student activities listed below meet after school beginning at 3:20 pm. Students are encouraged to attend the Club Fair on Tuesday, September 12th during Magic Time in the dining hall and lobby to learn more about these student activities.

Dance Troupe meets an average of three days a week after school and Apprentice Dance Company meets one to two days a week after school. Dance Troupe explores the genres of ballet, modern dance, jazz dance, and improvisation/composition in addition to offering students performance opportunities throughout the year. The dual emphasis on both the technical and artistic training provides the student with not only a solid, comprehensive foundation, but also a stimulating and enjoyable artistic encounter. Master classes taught by guest artists further enrich the learning process. Apprentice Dance Company is designed for students with a desire, passion, and potential for dance, but with a limited dance background or no prior dance training.  The program focuses on building a technical and artistic foundation by developing technical skills in the genres of ballet, modern dance, and jazz dance with exposure to improvisation, composition and choreography. Auditions for both Dance Troupe and the Apprentice Dance Company are in the fall.

ENSEMBLE PLAYERS (instrumental music)

This group performs music for small orchestra and piano quartet. Performances include the Christmas Concert, the Spring Concert, and selected events in the school. This co-curricular meets during C block. If a student is not in this class and is interested in the Ensemble Players, please email Mr. Rybczynski at
This theater arts organization meets twice monthly on Mondays after school. Footlighters produces two full-scale productions each year. Members also serve as the technical crews for school-wide functions. Students experience all aspects of the theatre arts, from make-up and costumes, scenes, improvisations and monologues, to stage lighting and scene design. 
THE LANCE (school literary magazine)
The Lance staff meets in pattern C block. Members are selected primarily from the elective course Digital Publication: Imaginative Writing. If a student is interested in creative writing and is not in this class, email Ms. Yanson at  

 MADRIGALS (choral music)
The Madrigals perform at the Christmas concert, spring concert, and at selected events in and outside of school. This co-curricular meets during C block. If a student is not in this class and is interested in the Madrigals, please email Mr. Rybczynski at
The Model Diplomacy Team meets once a week on Tuesdays and as needed before conferences. Membership opens each year at the beginning of the school year. Model Diplomats become delegates representing other counties and attend Model OAS and Model UN conferences with other high schools. There is some expense associated with attendance at the conferences. 

THE SHIELD (school paper)
The Shield staff meets in pattern C block. While Mercy’s newspaper is published in the class Digital Publications: Journalism, any student from any year level who wants to write for the paper is enthusiastically invited to join the staff. If a student is interested in writing for Mercy's newspaper and is not in this class, email Ms. Yanson at

The Anime Club is for any students who are interested in Anime and Manga. Meetings are held once a month after school.

The Book Club is for any student interested in reading for fun. Members meet in the library and discuss books of the group's choosing. Meetings are held once a month after school.

This organization is devoted to the care of our planet, enhancement of environmental qualities at school and the education of students in the area of living in a healthy, environmentally friendly manner. Meetings are held once a month after school.
This association provides support, spirit, awareness and service for all athletic events. Officers meet weekly with the Athletic Director. Meetings for members will be held three to four times after school.
The purpose of this club is to promote cultural awareness among the Mercy community. Meetings will be held once a month after school.

NAHS is designed specifically for high school students in grades 9-12 for the purpose of inspiring and recognizing those students who have shown an outstanding interest in art. Meetings are held monthly after school. Any student interested in visual arts may participate in Art Club which does not have a course or grade average requirement.
Members are selected for membership at the end of sophomore and junior years. This national organization recognizes students who exemplify scholarship, character, service and leadership within the school and the community. This group meets monthly after school on Mondays. 

The Pep Squad shows their Mercy pride and talent through stepping at basketball games and other spirit activities. Try-outs occur in early October. Pep Squad meets after school from October through February. Purchase of a shirt is required.

This group is open to ALL students with or without experience in engineering and programming. The Robotics Team will provide students a hands-on opportunity to collaboratively design, build, and program functioning robots for competition. Students will work to problem-solve and create in a team environment. The Robotics Team will meet weekly after school. There will be a participation fee to cover supplies.
The purpose of this club is to promote awareness and civil discussion of social justice issues in our society. The members of this club are young women striving for societal equality among all cultures. Meetings will be held once a month after school.

This group is open to ALL students. Students become members of the Admissions Team, honing their public speaking skills at events for prospective families and current parents. They act as tour guides during Open House and share their Mercy stories with visitors! Interested students attend an information meeting in the spring and training sessions in the fall.
Student Council is comprised of elected Student Council officers, class officers, and representatives chosen from each class steering committee. All students are welcome and encouraged to attend. Active participants must be willing to accept a leadership role, work as a member of a team, and foster school spirit and enthusiasm. The Student Council meets monthly after school on Thursdays.