Mercy Uniform - Mercy High School

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Mercy Uniform

Mercy High School Uniform 2022-2023

  • Red plaid 4 kick pleated skirt
  • Length: to just above the knee, not to exceed 3 inches
  • Skirt MUST be purchased from FlynnO'Hara. The skirt is durable and can be worn for several years. We suggest leaving a generous 3-inch hem to allow for growth. An XL skirt length is available. 
Blouse (required)
  • White oxford cloth blouse, button-down collar style, banded bottom, with logo, long or short sleeves
  • Blouses MUST be purchased from FlynnO'Hara. A plain white turtleneck may be worn underneath long sleeve blouse during the winter season.
Blazer (required)
  • Dark red wool
  • New blazers are only available through FlynnO'Hara and should be ordered early to ensure timely delivery. 
Shoes (required)
  • Black nu buck oxfords
  • Excessively thick or ridged soles are not acceptable. Shoes are available at Van Dyke & Bacon Shoes or Towson Bootery. 
Sweater (optional)

Two styles:

  • V-neck in orlon/acrylic, black, with logo
  • Cardigan in orlon/acrylic, red, with logo

Sweaters MUST be purchased from FlynnO'Hara.

Fleece (optional)
  • Lightweight fleece, black, with embroidered logo
  • Fleece MUST be purchased from FlynnO'Hara. 
Socks or Tights
  • Classic plain white or black crew socks (5 inches of ribbing)
  • Black or white orlon knee socks
  • Plain white or black tights during the winter season
  • No stripes, borders, or other decorations. Sheer knee stockings are not acceptable. No patterns or stripes, etc. Sheer nylon pantyhose are not acceptable. Leggings are not acceptable.


There are three convenient ways to purchase uniforms from FlynnO'Hara: Visit their Service Center, order by phone, or order online. FlynnO'Hara recommends ordering by August 1st to ensure delivery for Freshman Orientation.