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New Students

Update: Due to current circumstances with the Covid-19 virus, dates are currently subject to change. The admissions team will be in continued contact with every new student about upcoming changes in dates and events.

You did it! 

Congratulations on your achievement! Admission to Mercy High School is selective, and we know that you are well-prepared for our excellent academic curriculum, as well as ready to participate in the full range of life at Mercy, from athletics to arts, community service, clubs, student government and more. 

We hope you are ready for the excitement of the next few months as we prepare you and your family for the next four years.  

Log in to your account with us to complete your registration, pay your deposit/registration fee, and access medical forms. New Student Registration is due March 6, 2020.  (Use the same log in information - email address and password - you used to complete your application this fall. Our portal system works best on the Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers.) 

All students will take the standard mathematics diagnostic test. Qualifying for any level of mathematics other than Algebra I requires additional placement testing on the same date.All students seeking placement in French or Spanish above level 1 are required to take the placement exam. The exam will take you about one hour.The World Language Department recognizes that there are many students that have taken French or Spanish in elementary and middle school. If you fit into this category we highly recommend that you take the language placement exam. In doing so the French and Spanish teachers will have the opportunity to place you in a level that fits best with your experience and preparation.

Due to the evolving situation with Covid-19, testing will be held both virtually and through mail. Please see the below letters for more information. 

Dear Class of 2024,

     I wanted to reach out to each of you and your families to welcome you to the Mercy community. Congratulations on your decision! As chair of the Math Department, I thought you  might be wondering and worrying about next year. First of all, please know that we as a department are happy and excited to embark on this 4 year mathematical journey together. Everything you have done so far will be a foundation that we will build on in our time together.

     As you are aware from the enrollment forms, in the end of April we administer a diagnostic test to all incoming Mercy girls and offer optional  qualifying tests for possible placement into Geometry or AlgebraII.  Because of COVID -19, we weren’t able to host our testing day this month. As such, we have changed our procedures a bit and are foregoing the diagnostic test to instead administer an Algebra test to everyone, and a Geometry test to some. 

       Your class, the Class of 2024, is wonderfully diverse -coming to Mercy from 32 different schools, and 36 different zip codes. We want to place each of you appropriately for your freshmen year. Every member of the Class of 2024 will receive a personal mailing containing their test materials.  A direction sheet will be included, but basically just remember that we want to see what you know and know well, so you should not get help or use any resources during the test. Academic integrity is an essential value at Mercy, and there will be a spot for you to sign an honor pledge included in your packet. 

     The goal of our tests are simply to place you appropriately as you start you on this four year journey. We want to determine the level that will best set you up for success. No student is placed higher than Algebra 1 unless she passes all sections of our test. While most girls come to Mercy with an Algebra background, but we have found that middle school Algebra may not cover all of the topics required for success at the high school level. We don’t want you to struggle during your first year when you could have taken a course that would strengthen your foundational skills and give you solid footing as you progress through your math courses. 

     Your packet will be mailed out by 05/15/30,  to arrive in plenty of time for you to complete it and mail it back before 05/30/2020. You must complete the test in one sitting, and have up to 1.5 hours to complete it. Please do not open your test packet until you are ready to take it. Each packet will include directions and testing materials, as well as a pre-stamped envelope to use to return your testing materials to us.

Please don’t stress about this test, and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Welcome again to Mercy, and we can’t wait until we can be together!
Mrs. King
Math Department Chair

Below find the letter for language testing. Again, Language testing is optional. 

Dear Families,

Welcome to Mercy! We are excited to welcome you into our language classrooms in the fall. Due to the current situation we have decided to conduct our language placement exams for French and Spanish online. We will offer two different time slots for each language, and your student will choose the slot that works best for her. 

The time slots are as follows:

Monday, May 11th: 4:00pm - 6:00pm: Spanish Placement Exam

Tuesday, May 12th:  4:00pm - 6:00pm: French Placement Exam

Wednesday, May 13th: 4:00pm - 6:00pm: Spanish Placement Exam

Thursday, May 14th: 4:00pm - 6:00pm: French Placement Exam

If you are unable to make those time slots, please let me know and we will make different arrangements. The exams will not be available online unless your student attends those exam time slots or we make other arrangements. 

The exams will be conducted on Socrative. It is a very user-friendly platform that can be used on a browser ( or you can download the Socrative application for an Apple or Android device (

Instructions for accessing the exam are as follows:

1. Open in a browser or the Socrative application on your device. If you are using a computer or laptop you should use the browser option. 
2. Choose “login” in the upper righthand corner.
3. Choose “student login” when prompted.
4. The classroom name is SCHINDLER
5. The exam will be available immediately. The student should enter her name in the following format:
Last Name, First Name

6. The student will have the full two hours to complete the exam. 
7. When the student is finished she should click “finished” so that I know that her exam is complete. 

**It is important that students do not use any outside resources: online help, help from family or friends, or use of materials from a current class. This includes use of online translation devices and dictionaries. It is a violation of the Mercy High School Academic Integrity Policy, and it may cause incorrect placement of a student in a level higher than appropriate. This would surely lead to academic struggles and frustrations in her freshman year.

Please contact me immediately if you are having problems with the exam. We understand this is a new process for everyone involved and we will be flexible to be sure that all students that would like to take the exam are able to do so.  

In addition, please reach out to me between now and the date of the exam if you have any questions or concerns.

Thank you very much,

Abby Schindler
Mercy High School World Language Department Chair

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Important Info

*New* Bring Your Own Windows Device Program (effective for the class of 2024)

*New* Bring Your Own Windows Device Election Form (includes ordering information)

*New* Bus Service to Harford County & the Perry Hall Area

Important Dates Update

Maryland Immunization Certification Form

Physical Form for Athletics

Car Pool

Uniform Information

Van Dyke & Bacon Shoes

Medical Record Form for All Students (coming soon!)


The Mercy uniform is a white button-down shirt, plaid kilt and a red blazer for formal occasions. Students may choose from a variety of uniform sweaters during colder weather, and may wear knee- or ankle-length socks in white or black, or opaque black tights. Shoes are an all-black buck.

Uniforms are available at Flynn O’Hara in Parkville, and shoes may be purchased at many locations, though we recommend Van Dyke and Bacon on Northern Parkway, just down the road from Mercy.

Each student in the class of 2024 will use a Windows laptop. We recommend a powerful Lenovo device, the Thinkpad E14. Freshmen may also choose to bring any other Windows laptop that meets the following specifications:

Windows Device Minimum Specifications 

Operating System: Windows 10

Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster

Memory: 8 GB or greater

Storage: 256 GB or greater, SSD is preferred

Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, Webroot antivirus, and Intune management software are included in tuition/fees and will be installed on student devices at freshman orientation.

Mercy partners with eCampus, an online store for textbooks. You will receive information on which books to buy for your classes in the late spring or early summer, along with instructions on how to access eCampus.

Mercy freshmen will no longer use iPads. Instead, beginning with the Class of 2024, Mercy freshmen will be required to bring a Windows laptop to school every day to use in their classes. We recommend a powerful Lenovo device, the Thinkpad E14. Freshmen may also choose to bring any other Windows laptop that meets the following specifications:

Windows Device Minimum Specifications 

Operating System: Windows 10

Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster

Memory: 8 GB or greater

Storage: 256 GB or greater, SSD is preferred

Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, Webroot antivirus, and Intune management software are included in tuition/fees and will be installed on student devices at freshman orientation.

Fall athletic tryouts will be held beginning Monday, August 17th. In order to try out, students must submit a completed medical form for athletics, signed by a physician, to Mr. Nick Gill, Athletic Director. Email forms to Mr. Gill before the first day of tryouts.

  • August 26-28th: Freshman Orientation
  • September 1st: First Day of Classes

Please see the flyer above for more details.

Freshmen generally have the following course list:

  • Biology
  • Religious Studies
  • Mathematics (either Algebra I, Geometry, or Algebra II, determined by a placement test)
  • French or Spanish I (placement test optional for those who wish to start in French or Spanish II)
  • Language & Literature
  • United States History
  • Design: Technology (1/2 credit)
  • Fine Arts (1/2 credit) 
  • Free Period

Your individual course list may vary, depending on your acceptance into special programs. Students in the Catherine McAuley Honors Program will take honors sections of United States History, Biology, and Language & Literature. Students in Project Lead the Way Biomedical Science will take an additional science course and students in the Visual Art program will take a specailized art course, which may alter your freshman courses. 

You will receive a finalized course list in June 2020.

We are so happy to have you as part of our Class of 2024!

To register, simply log in to your account (the same place and account you created when filling out your application) and start filling out the required registration forms. You will also need to create an account with our tuition management system FACTS and pay your registration fee and deposit of $860. 

Please see the flyer above for more details regarding important dates.

Please call Ms. Diana Rego, Director of Finance, at 410-433-8880, ext. 232.

We would love to have you back at Mercy for a visit! Please contact the Admissions Office at 410-433-880 ext. 214 or to set up a day.

Some students will need to take enrichment courses in either language arts, mathematics, or both before starting school in the fall - your acceptance letter will have the details if necessary. If you are not required to take summer courses, but would like to anyway, please contact the Admissions Office at

Sure! Please contact Admissions with the ZIP codes nearest to you. We will get back to you with a list of current Mercy families in your area so you may set up a carpool.

The Mercy Spirit Store is open Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2:30 p.m. to 5 p.m.  Our store is run by volunteers, so please call our reception desk to ensure the store is open before arriving.

The acceptance of an invitation into the Catherine McAuley Honors Program demonstrates a student’s desire for rigorous academic challenge and the confidence to achieve as a thinker and a scholar. McAuley Scholars achieve mastery beyond essentials in a learning environment that will excite them.

In freshman year McAuley Scholars take the honors sections of the regular curriculum with their math courses determined by placement testing. At the end of freshman year they are given the opportunity to choose honors study in at least two disciplines to be continued over the next three years.


  • 9th Grade: take required honors sections of World Cultures, Biology, and English (mathematics and world language based on placement testing and/or prior coursework)
  • 10th Grade: continue honors coursework in at least two academic disciplines
  • 11th Grade: enroll in seven courses and continue honors coursework in at least two disciplines 
  • 12th Grade: complete and present a research project
  • Participate in one co-curriculuar or extracurricular activity each year.

Summer reading and other assignments will be posted in June.

We are pleased to announce morning bus transportation for Harford County and Perry Hall for the 2020-21 academic year. Families’ interest will help us determine the route. There will be a fee of $950 for the service, and that too will be in some part dependent on the route. If you are interested in this service, please contact Ms. Bonnie Bevans Kottraba ’98, director of enrollment management, at by March 20, 2020.