7th Graders - Mercy High School

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7th Graders

Due to COVID-19 we are reimagining our Admissions events. We have a lot of fun and informative events planned and would love for you to be a part of them!

7th Grade Virtual Visiting Days

We would like to invite your daughter to a virtual visiting day on Zoom!  She'll get to see classes, learn about the fall admissions process, and meet some of our students, faculty, and staff members. Our 7th grade visiting days are a great way to check out all there is to love about Mercy in the spring of her 7th grade year!


7th Grade in person tour 

7th graders, are you excited about high school? Ready to get started on the search process? Come visit our campus with these in-person COVID-19 safe tours. Come see what makes Mercy Magical!

Registration is not yet open.

Parents and students are also always welcome to contact the Admissions Team at admissions@mercyhighschool.com or call us at 410-433-8880 ext. 214 to learn more about the admissions process and opportunities we offer! The 7th grade events are not required for admission to Mercy.

Virtual High School Fairs

The Archdiocese of Baltimore will once again be hosting virtual high school fairs for all interested 6th, 7th, and 8th grade families. There will be several throughout the summer and school year and we would love to see you at Mercy’s session! The first fair will be held on the evening of Monday, May 24. When more information is available, we will share it. 


Your link will be sent 24hrs before your visiting day to the email used to sign up! 

Our Zoom call will be held from 9:00AM - 1:00PM, including screen breaks of course! 

The Zoom calls are only for your daughter, although the Admissions Team is happy to schedule individual calls with parents or answer any questions you may have over the phone or via email - don't hesitate to get in touch! Since you are just beginning your school search, there is plenty of time to attend our Fall 2021 events here at Mercy, including school fairs, Open House, Magic Moment information sessions, and more.

If your school has a uniform, please wear it to your virtual visit. If your school does not have a uniform, please dress in nice and appropriate, but comfortable, clothes. 

Your questions! You do not need to bring any application materials or test scores - just relax and enjoy your day. We can't wait to host you virtually!

This day is intended as a "sneak preview" of your individual 8th grade visiting day in the fall, which we require for all students. You'll get to see some classes, meet some Mercy Girls over lunch, and ask any questions you may have! While it is not a "traditional" visiting day (you'll experience this as an 8th grade student), it's a great way to get a broad overview of all that Mercy has to offer!

For 7th grade students, the high school process is just beginning! Simply take in all of the information you receive during your visit, and be sure to attend Open House and an 8th grade visiting day (an individual day with a current student) in Fall 2021.