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Social Studies

The social sciences inspire active citizens to use their knowledge of people’s past and present to influence local, national, and global events.

The Social Studies curriculum prepares students as local, national, and global community members to effectively and thoughtfully understand and impact our culturally complex and diverse world. Students develop the practical and pedagogic skills for studying the social sciences, particularly the research skills needed to discern truth, the critical thinking skills necessary for problem-solving, and the communication skills needed for effective presentation and dialogue. The Social Studies curriculum cultivates wisdom in our students by providing perspective and respect for the continuity and rapid changes of our world, while equipping our students with a growth mindset

and skills to be lifelong inquirers into the economic, geographic, historic, political, and cultural forces that continually shape individuals, institutions, and societies. Students acquire an appreciation for the diversity of human experiences, past and present, as well as the universal motivations that link all humanity across time and place.

Mercy High School requires 3.0 credits in Social Studies. The sequence of required course is being remodeled to better reflect the needs of the 21st century student. Electives are available in the Junior and Senior years. Students may earn dual credit through Anne Arundel Community College online in Social Sciences courses. 

The Social Studies department offers the Law and Social Action Program, a signature program that provides students with opportunities to evaluate how interdependence, as well as political, legal, social and economic change, affect all communities, with a focus on both globalization and sustainable development.

Social Studies Courses for Class of 2024 and later:
United States History*
Modern World History*
Government and Global Politics*
AP Psychology
Global Issues
Introduction to Sociology (AACC)

Social Studies Courses for Class of 2021, 2022, 2023:
World Cultures* 
American Government*
U.S. History I: Federalization to Reconstruction*
U.S. History II: Industrialization to the Present
AP United States History
AP Psychology
Global Issues
Introduction to Sociology (AACC)

*Honors sections offered